"What Does a Doula Cost?'

The costs for doula services vary widely across different regions. Fees are impacted by the demand for doulas in a particular area, and can vary among doulas in the same area depending on the range of services offered by a particular doula. In large cities on the west and east coasts, a doula may competitively charge upwards of a $1000 or more for her services.  If money is a particular concern, sometimes a doula-in-training can be hired for a minimal amount, often equal to the expenses she may incur for gas, parking, and childcare. Ask your local doula group or health provider if they know any doulas-in-training in the area. 
Doulas practicing in the greater Erie region typically charge from $500 to $800, depending on services included, back-up, etc. Many doulas accept special payment arrangements, including bartering for services! Feel free to ask a prospective doula what kinds of terms she would consider. Most doulas are happy to try and find a mutual working agreement.