Doulas in the Erie area

I try to keep this listing of doulas updated and available as a service to birthing families so that they have real choices and options regarding the doula(s) that they choose to serve them. This choice is important in a geographical area where so many birth choices aren't as available as they could or should be. Many of us in the birthworker community are daily working to change this reality and improve birthing choices with every family we serve via education and ongoing advocacy. - Michelle Totleben

This is an alphabetical listing of actively practicing doulas (both certified and uncertified) who serve families in the Erie area (City and County). Please contact each doula or doula team individually to assess compatibility, qualifications, availability and practice details.

Green, Pamela, CD DONA, ALACE

Kahn-Groendendaal, Ann Marie  DONA trained

Post, Mariah, DONA Meadville, PA. (Will come to Erie as well.)

Reinelt, Chris, CD ALACE, DONA w Michelle Totleben

Thompson, Julie, CD DONA Warren, PA area. (Will consider Erie births as well)

Totleben, Michelle, CD DONA w Chris Reinelt

*In some cases, trained doulas are seeking births to complete certification and may be able to assist at your birth for a reduced fee. Inquire if this is the case.

Certification means that a trained doula has attended a minimum number of observed births, met other required standards, and agrees to abide by the practice protocols set forth by her certifying organization. While certification can be helpful in assuring that a doula has achieved a minimum level of experience, knowledge and skill, please note that certification status is only one of many measures that you should consider when choosing your doula. Many excellent doulas have years of experience, without ever having pursued certification.